July 13th, 2010

NCIS: Geeks@work

Making posts about nominated stories

Just to make things clear (and this is me taking the dictator hat on, being the Modly Mod of Modliness), because the rules are unclear of what's okay and what's not as far as advertising that you've been nominated, I hereby say this:

To those who've been nominated

Feel free to make a post in which you tell people you've been nominated. Provide links to the stories in question if you wish to do so. Do provide link(s) to the voting page(s). Avoid saying, "please vote for me". A lot of people have already made posts with links and telling the world that they've been nominated, and if everyone's allowed to do it (whether you chose to actually do it or not), it shouldn't give anyone an unfair advantage.

To those who vote

This is quite obvious, but please don't go vote for any stories without reading all the nominated stories in the category/pairing. Vote for the best story, nothing else.

There, hopefully that's clear. I apologize for the confusion; I have been away and I didn't remember all the things I've said (I have said before that the above is okay to do, which was pointed out to me now), and the other Mods didn't know because I didn't remember and could as such not tell them. I asked them to handle it and they did so just fine, just (obviously) not with all the information.

I hope I don't upset anyone by this. There's still a lot of time to vote, and there haven't been that many votes cast yet. Please spread the word, in case there are authors nominated who aren't watching this journal.

Whoever takes over the Awards next year will have to go over the rules :)