August 16th, 2010

NCIS: Geeks@work

NCIS Awards 2010: Winners!

It's time for the big reveal - here are the winners of the NCIS Awards 2010.

Because we had little interest in anyone making graphics for the Awards, we have no banners this year. If you want a banner, please comment with the pairing, category, story title and author name, and we'll make you a generic one. If you are a graphics artist and would like to make banner, leave a note below - we'd be very happy to have you.

Thank you to all the mods who've helped out this year, and thanks to those who nominated and voted - and of course, big thanks to the writers who continue to make this fandom a wonderful one. Here is the list of all the pairings with the nominated stories for 2010, if you wish to go back and read more fantastic stories.

Congratulations to our winners! Without further ado and in no particular order... the winners of the NCIS Awards 2010!

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