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Voting Post for Gen

This is where you post your votes for Gen Fic. If you want to vote for other pairings, go to this post to find the correct entry.

Please read the rules before voting.

"The categories you can vote for stories are":

Smarter, Not Harder by Amber Chick PG-13
Semper Fi by Cascade Waters PG-13
A Terrorist for Christmas by Channel D PG-13
Absolution by draggon-flye PG-13
There Loomed an Ogre by Iantalia PG-13
Running the Gauntlet by Ice Cube 1 PG-13
No Excuses by Jelenamichel PG-13
Accidental Heroes by Laine3112 G
Two Agents Afloat by Laine3112 PG-13
Tin Star by Lilmouse G
First Times and Significant Moments by Lyn1410G PG-13
TAD by mamapranayama PG-13
Shadows of Myself by Memento Vivere PG-13
Black Ice by Mokibobolink PG
A Vendetta Gone Wrong by moregoth G
Fractured by Obsessed Pam G
Not a Death Story by Richefic PG-13
The Sweater by Richefic PG-13
I'll Always Take Care of You by Supergirl02 PG
Morior Unus by Swithers PG-13
All Lost by tearsofamiko G
Sawdust and Scotch by thehousekeeper PG
Doctor by Triskellion PG-13
Right Place, Wrong Time by Vanessa Sgroi PG-13
And the Band Kept Playing On by Water-Soter PG-13

BEST DRABBLE (All lengths)
Darkness at Last by Karababe_64 PG
Tree of Knowledge by Muselives PG-13
Fighting for Control by Ami Ven G
Regrets and Wishes by Ami Ven PG
Sanding by Ami Ven G
Trick or Treat by Ami Ven G
Who They Are by Ami Ven G

Twatting, Twitting, Tweeting by Debee1015 PG
The Odd Couple by Gategremlyn PG
NCIS by Isis SG G
Jeopardy by Sammie28 G
The Shrink is in by Sammie28 G
New Tricks by TaylorGibbs G
The One Where Tony and Tim Read Fanfiction by Xanthe R

BEST OTHER (Includes What If, AU and Crossover)
The Widening Gyre by Donutsweeper G
The Case of the Disappearing Brother by Tweeter PG
Instincts by Sweet Anonymity PG
Look After You by Christi PG
Come on Storm Lets Form a Cloud by k PG
Sacrifice by el spirito PG-13
The Day Before the Day by InsaneMelon PG-13

Breaking the News by Annasan G
McPompus by Bananacosmic R
How Do You Solve a Problem Like DiNozzo by Kaylashay81 R
One He Gained and One He Didn't Want by Kaylashay81 PG-13
Fifteen Percent by MrWubbles PG
What Boredom Breeds by Qwirky PG
Thank You by Richefic G
A Father Thing by Sweet Anonymity G
Meeting Gibbs by Tejas PG
The Boat, The Bourbon and The Basement by MrWubbles PG

Reasons nominated stories were not included:
-No response from author.
-Re-submitted to correct Pairing section.
-Unable to contact author (bad email)

Please use the following template for voting

I vote for: [ story title ] by [ author ]

Header (copy and paste):

The short version of the rules for voting:
1. You may vote only once in each category so consider your vote carefully.
2. You are not required to vote in every category.
3. Anonymous votes are not accepted. You have to have an LJ account to vote and be logged in.
4. Make one comment with all your votes for the pairing in question.
5. You cannot change your vote after casting it; this to save the mods serious headaches.

If you want to read the full rules, go here.

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