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Voting Post: Casefic

This is where you post your votes for Best Casefic. If you want to vote for other pairings, go to this post to find the correct entry.

Please read the rules before voting.

The stories you can vote for are:

A Friend in Need by tutncleo - NC-17
Cat and Mouse by dark rolling sea - PG-13
Clone by JAGgedlversion - PG-13
Consequences of Love and War by Sashile - PG-13
Crystals and Clues by Eoen - NC-17
Down to the Depths of Hell by Alkaline Teegan - PG-13
Means To An End by Laine3112 - K+
Mr and Mrs Gibbs by driftingatdusk - R
Of Jews and Gentiles by Sashile - PG-13
Secret Lives by dark rolling sea - PG-13
Tin Star by lilmouse - PG-13
Undercover Consequences by laura_trekkie - NC-17
When I'm Gone by csiphile - PG-13
Withdrawal by Laine3112 - K+

Please use the following template for voting

I vote for: [ story title ] by [ author ]

Header (copy and paste):

The short version of the rules for voting:
1. You may vote only once in each category so consider your vote carefully.
2. You are not required to vote in every category.
3. Anonymous votes are not accepted. You have to have an LJ account to vote and be logged in.
4. Make one comment with all your votes for the pairing in question.
5. You cannot change your vote after casting it; this to save the mods serious headaches.

If you want to read the full rules, go here.

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