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Feedback for the 2009 NCIS Awards

Now that the NCIS Awards 2009 are over, I thought it'd be good for you guys to share your opinions of the Awards. What should be changed for next year's Awards? What was good, what wasn't so good?

The more people who answer, the better, so feel free to link here from other comms.

These are the questions I'd love an answer to. Answer one, or two or all of them - whatever you feel like. Feedback in any way is great :)

1. What did you think of the pairings? Any pairing that was in the "rare pairings" we should have had as it's own? Too many pairings? Any other division you'd prefer?
2. What did you think of the categories? Would you like to add or remove any of them for next time, and in that case, which one(s)? (the categories were: romance, angst, humor, AU, what if, fantasy, post-ep/missing scene/tag, drabble, double drabble and triple drabble, and special categories best crossover, best casefile and best gen)
3. What did you think of the timeline? Was there enough time/too much to nominate, read and vote?
4. While we got lots of nominations, we didn't get that many votes. If you didn't vote, why? Anything we can do to make it easier for next year?
5. Anything else you'd like to add? (praise for the mods is always appreciated... just kidding! *g*)
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Nominations now closed

Nominations are now closed. Thank you to everyone who's nominated their favorites!

The next stage of the Awards is voting! Voting will open on July 15th - that gives us mods some time to make sure everything's right with the noms and give the authors who haven't yet given their permission for their fics to be in the Awards to actually do so :)

Looking forward to seeing you all back on the 15th!
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False rumors about the NCIS Awards

It is with some sadness I have to write this message, but it seems to be necessary as false rumors have been spread about the Awards.

We - the Awards team - have been called liars and cheaters, and have been accused of rigging the Awards.

So, I have to come out and say: these Awards are not rigged.

I started the whole thing a few months back, asking if there was any interest in holding fanfiction Awards, because there are so many great stories out there. There was great positive feedback on the idea, and we started. The nominations opened on May 15th and we've gotten about 60 nominations to date.

One of these nominations was in a slash category, but the story was gen. Because of this, the mod in question posted a question about what to do on ncisawardsmods, our mod comm set up specifically for this type of questions. Because of some communication trouble (PMs that did not reach the intended target) and real life, it took a few days until we decided what to do. At this point, it was decided that we should contact the nominator to say that the story was not nominated in the right category - which is what it says we may do in the rules. The mod told her she was welcome to nominate the story in the gen category.

What the mod received back was a rude message about us being liars and the Awards being rigged, and an LJ post was made to a private journal about the Awards being fake. Another Award has also been set up on fanfiction.net. We are not in any way associated with them, but we wish them the best of luck.

I cannot give you any guarantees that the Awards aren't rigged; I can just tell you that they're not. You are all free to explain to me why we would want to rig them. If I wanted to make someone a pretty banner, all I have to do is open Photoshop. The recent events has led to the mod in question not wanting to accept nominations for her fics, because she thinks she will be accused of cheating again. She writes great stories and I would like to be able to nominate her, so I feel very sad about this. We expected there to be some problems with hosting the Awards because it's the first time and there are always problems the first time, but this is beyond what we expected.

I want these Awards to be a place to find new great stories that I hadn't found before and I want people to make sure their favorites are repsesented. We have the nominations screened and secret until the nomination period is over because we want people to keep nominations anonymous, just like it's anonymous in all the icontests and such.

I'm doing this because it's fun, spending my free time on it, as are the other mods. If you guys feel that you don't have faith in our integrity, then please say so and we won't run the Awards - there is no point if the majority of you don't believe in us.

We encourage all of you to nominate your favorite stories. We have several pairings without any stories nominated, and I'm sure there are great stories in those pairings as well. The nominations are open through June 30th. No stories will be refused for nomination overall, we just need to be sure that it's put in the correct category for the voting to make the process fair to everyone.
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Soon, we'll be kicking off - here's the timeline for the NCIS Awards 2009:

Nominations open: May 15th
Nominations close: June 30th

Voting opens: July 15th
Voting closes: August 15th

Winners announced: September 1st

NCIS: Team

Welcome to the NCIS Awards 2009

Welcome to ncis_awards!

NCIS Awards

We will kick off in May with nominations, but for now, please watch the community so that you don't miss any of the excitement.

I'm bananacosmic, and I'm the head mod of this comm. I have a bunch of others helping out with this great big undertaking. Hopefully it'll run smoothly, but keep in mind that it's the first time we do this (the old NCIS Awards were last held in 2005 - I wasn't even active in the community at the time).

Great big thanks to astral_angel for the lovely layout.